NOTICE : Surgery opened first Saturday of the month in the morning.
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Diabetic foot care / foot assessments

Diabetes accelerates poor circulation, neurological changes and alters the components of the blood. It can also cause impaired vision and renal disease. These can increase the susceptibility to infection and other foot problems.

Good glycaemic control, expert foot care and well-fitting footwear are therefore essential to prevent serious problems with the feet.

Any problems with the feet it is essential to seek help straight away to prevent serious complications.

With regular expert management complications should be avoided but if necessary patients will be referred to GP/hospital multidisciplinary clinic.

Foot care for other high risk conditions

Other high risk conditions include Rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, and poor immune system.

Expert regular foot care is also essential for these patients to prevent problems such as infections.


Surgery opened first Saturday of the month in the morning.

For any further information or to book an appointment please call 01332 349 479.

Corns & Callus
Corns & Callus
Areas of hard skin that are formed as a result of excess pressure, shear or friction on areas of the foot.
Ingrowing toenail
Ingrowing toenail
This is a condition where a spike of nail or uneven edge of the nail plate has pieced the skin.
These are a common viral infection affecting the feet, the same virus causes warts on the hands.