NOTICE : Surgery opened first Saturday of the month in the morning.
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Nail Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic

In certain circumstances nail surgery is recommended. Usually if the ingrown nail has been left too long before seeking treatment or if persistent episodes of the nail ingrowing has occurred. I have many years of experience of nail surgery both in the NHS and private practice.

The operation is performed after an injection of local anaesthetic is given on either side of the base of the toe which will make your toe numb.

A section of nail on one or both sides ( very occasionally the whole nail)is removed .Then a chemical is applied to the nail bed to ensure it will not grow back.. A large dressing will be applied to the toe and you will be advised to put your feet up for the rest of the day. you should not drive while your toe is numb. Your first redressing appointment is normally in a couple of days then you will be advised on dressing it yourself daily. complete healing normally takes approximately 5 weeks. the operation has a high satisfaction/success rate and patients are surprised at the only pain they experience is slight discomfort of the injections.


Surgery opened first Saturday of the month in the morning.

For any further information or to book an appointment please call 01332 349 479.

Corns & Callus
Corns & Callus
Areas of hard skin that are formed as a result of excess pressure, shear or friction on areas of the foot.
Ingrowing toenail
Ingrowing toenail
This is a condition where a spike of nail or uneven edge of the nail plate has pieced the skin.
These are a common viral infection affecting the feet, the same virus causes warts on the hands.